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Banking on ‘Windows 200.0’


His name is Obarh and his obsession is unique, futuristic-looking, geometric drawings. He disdains using a table to display his artwork, finding it “limiting.” So last Saturday, he had taped up dozens of his creations in the window panels of the HSBC bank at the corner of 14th St. and Sixth Ave. But saying he does “geometric patterns” doesn’t do justice to what he does. So it’s best to let him tell it in his own words. “I’m into a duality phase of things — yin and yang,” he said, pointing to one of his works. “I’m also into the singularity thing — everything has a center,” he noted, indicating a dot in the middle of another. “I’m also into the trinity thing — the sun, the moon and the star — the electron, proton and neutron,” he said, gesturing to still another work. A self-taught artist, Obarh said he sells about eight pieces a day, and he was just then focused on trying to make his eighth and final sale. He’s planning soon to take his work “to another level,” he said. No, not the roof of the bank — but selling his designs on T-shirts online. He doesn’t appreciate people photographing his work without his permission, since he noted, “There’s a lot of vampires out there.” He only discusses prices with buyers.

Lincoln Anderson