Bike chic is used to sell other kind of wheels | East Villager & Lower East Sider

Bike chic is used to sell other kind of wheels

Photo by Jefferson Siegel


In a city like New York, with a growing number of bike lanes and two-wheeled commuters, what better way to sell a car than by featuring…a bike? That was the premise for a commercial being filmed last Thurs., April 11, at Madison Square Park. An attractive young bike messenger, appropriately decked out with a scratched helmet, bike lock, walkie-talkie and whistle and with a worn messenger bag, straddled her bike as she looked at the car next to her. And, although a production assistant and the clapperboard identified the ad as “Uber Honda,” the cyclist was filmed next to a shiny new Volkswagen. The background scene included two faux construction workers jackhammering the street. In the commercial, the construction noise proved less of a distraction to the cyclist than the car she kept glancing over at, take after take.