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Police Blotter, March 28, 2013

D.W.I. driver hits ped
A drunk driver with a blood-alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit tore through the West Village early on Sat., March 23, police said, and only ended his dangerous ride after hitting a pedestrian.

John Doe, 33, was driving a black 2012 Toyota Camry on Hudson St., when witnesses said they saw him clip a 25-year-old man crossing the intersection at W. Houston St. Fortunately, the victim didn’t suffer serious injuries, but the trouble was just beginning for Valdespee.

Officers responding to the accident scene said the driver had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, watery eyes and a clear lack of balance when he exited from the car. And upon questioning, Doe eventually admitted to drinking before getting behind the wheel. A breathalyzer test, done shortly after he was apprehended, showed just how much he’d had. According to police, Doe had a blood-alcohol content of .207 — nearly three times the legal limit of .08. He was charged with vehicular assault and D.W.I.

Tried to slash her face
Witnesses said that Che Williams, 35, started an argument with a 36-year-old woman at Cappello, a bar at 21 Seventh Ave., around 3 a.m. March 23. Once the dispute got a little too heated, Williams reportedly punched the woman in the face and body — then broke a glass bottle and started swinging the shards at her face. To defend herself, the woman said she blocked the glass attack with her left hand, but as a result she suffered a nasty cut that would have to be treated by paramedics.

By that time, the bar’s staff had reported the incident to police, and officers arrived shortly afterward to apprehend Williams, charging him with assault.

Trouble at the Stonewall
The Stonewall Inn is known for the famous gay rights riots associated with its name, but this was one eruption that won’t go down in the history books.

An employee at the Stonewall, at 53 Christopher St., told police that Jeffery Moore, 47, was raising hell inside the place in the early hours of Sat., March 23. The employee said she repeatedly asked Moore to leave around 3:30 a.m., after he went into a rage and ripped a chain off a woman’s neck, breaking it and throwing it to the ground. But instead of heading home, Moore reportedly refused to listen and responded by punching the employee in the face.

After the attack, Stonewall staff members called the police, who showed up at the bar to subdue and cuff Moore. In addition to being charged with criminal mischief and assault, Moore was slapped with a charge of resisting arrest after he initially refused the officers’ orders to put his hands behind his back.

Goes bonkers in bathroom
This guy threw a costly and destructive temper tantrum after being asked to leave a restaurant near the Meatpacking District, and now he’ll pay the price.

Staff members at Bakehouse, at 113 Horatio St., told police that Christopher Lopez, 28, had been creating a constant disturbance throughout the early hours of Sun., March 24, by being belligerent, foul-mouthed and rude to employees. But after they asked him to leave around 2 a.m. — because of his aggressive actions, but also because the restaurant was closing — the staff said Lopez refused and locked himself in the bathroom.

Lopez reportedly proceeded to smash everything in the bathroom — breaking cabinets, lamps and the toilet paper holder, kicking and dislodging the toilet, puncturing the wall — damage that the owners estimated will cost thousands of dollars to fix. By the time Lopez had finished his restroom rampage, police had arrived on the scene to hit him with a felony charge of criminal mischief.

Scary chain swinger
When you walk around the West Village swinging a heavy metallic object at members of the general population, you should know that the guys in blue are coming sooner or later.

Cops said that on Wed., March 20, around 7 p.m., they saw Johnny Gonzalez, 45, swinging a chain and lock as he walked past the corner of Waverly Place and Sixth Ave., nearly hitting another man and sending him running away from the intersection. After the officers stepped in to apprehend Gonzalez, they also found that he was carrying a credit card that belonged to a 37-year-old woman.

Gonzalez was charged with attempted assault and criminal possession of stolen property.

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