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Letters, Week of Jan. 9, 2014

De Blasio’s horse sense?

To The Editor:
Mayor DeBlasio is concerned for the safety of the carriage horses in New York City. Will his concern extend next to the police horses? Will they be the next to be taken out of service?

Another question is what will happen to the stables across from the Javits Center that house the carriage horses, which are now prime real estate property near the end of the new No. 7 subway line extension and Hudson Yards?

I just wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention since I am concerned about de Blasio’s real motives.
Ruth Kuzub 

Hoping for hot dogs

To The Editor:
Re “Conservancy to give update” (news article, Jan. 2):

I don’t know much about the Washington Square Park Conservancy. But as a parent of a whole passel of kids, I appreciate the (cheap) hot dogs. And the kids sure do, which is more to the point.
Brendan Sexton

Gardens, going forward

To The Editor:
Re “Magical mystery buy: New owner purchases former garden lot” (news article, Dec. 26):

It’s great that Sarah Ferguson is covering this story for The Villager. The danger to community gardens in New York is real and present as witnessed also last week by the bulldozing of the Coney Island Community Garden.

It’s a shame that Bloomberg would sully his reputation as an eco-activist and put such a capstone on his reputation as a pro-business bully.

I hope the new mayor and the new borough presidents can bring the community gardens under Parks Department control in a comprehensive way that includes real democracy (unlike what Roland Chouloute and GreenThumb practice), and that they also place the gardens on New York City maps as permanent park space (which they currently are not).
Jeff Wright

Porn warrior

To The Editor:
Re “Al Goldstein, 77, porn pioneer, free-speech advocate” (obituary, Jan. 2):

Al was a knight in rusty armor. I’ll never forget the year he attended the Adult Film Society Awards dressed as a gladiator. I didn’t know he was in such dire straits, and I am sorry about that. I only met him a few times, but he could not have been more gracious on those occasions. I toast a true warrior.
Georgina Spelvin

Still savoring the food

To The Editor:
Re “Lamenting the loss of a community vibe; Savoring the vestiges” (news article, Jan. 2):

I lived in the East Village from 1975 to 1997. I missed it a lot when I first moved across town, but now I’m really glad I don’t live there anymore. But I still love the East Village’s restaurant selection.
Kate Walter





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