Letters, Week of Oct. 2, 2014 | East Villager & Lower East Sider

Letters, Week of Oct. 2, 2014

‘Eyewitness’ pot shot

To The Editor:
While hosting “Up Close With Diana Williams,” Bill Ritter of Channel 7 “Eyewitness News” recently stated that New York State shouldn’t be like California and legalize medical marijuana, so that “anyone with a hangnail can smoke a joint.”

Now I don’t want to rehash old and established facts like the economic advantages of industrial hemp, the ecological benefits of paper made with hemp hurds, or the fact that marijuana is among the oldest and safest members of the pharmacopeia.

I would, however, like to ask Mr. Ritter just what, exactly, is so terrible about a person with a hangnail smoking a joint?
Jerry The Peddler

Nauseating blame game

To The Editor:
Re “D.O.E. now says adult league can use schoolyard” (news article, Sept. 11):

Here’s how real estate in this community works:

You see an apartment during the day or early evening. You immediately rent the apartment before anyone else can. Then you unfortunately find out later how bad, how seriously bad the problem with noise, puke, defecation, broken bottles, underage drinking, and catcalling obnoxious “bros” and drunkards looking for a fight really is. 

This I have heard time and again when I meet people in the streets in the Hell Square area: “I really didn’t realize how bad it is down here at night before I moved here.

So, Principal Polin, where is the fully informed “choice” that people have made to live among out-of-state vomit on the street of their own community? Polin’s outrageous presumption completely disregards the people who have lived in the community for decades and have seen their neighborhood transformed into an alcoholic theme park.

Polin, if you have time to organize flower-arranging classes, great, more power to you. Our community members are too busy at State Liquor Authority and community board meetings stopping other nightclubs from springing up.
David Troutman

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