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Police Blotter, Week of Nov. 11, 2014

7 women vs. 1
A war of words between women escalated to a seven-on-one melee at Hudson and Morton Sts. around 4 a.m. on Sun., Nov. 9. A group began punching and kicking a woman, 37, in front of 438 Hudson St. The victim suffered serious injury to her right eye, according to police. Arrested for gang assault were Jennifer Hall, Malgorzat Branch-Piatkowski, Keisha Blair, Shakima Smith, Tiara Donaldson, Gabriella Rowe and Jaquaya Clark, all in their early to mid-twenties. It was not immediately clear if the incident had any connection to Henrietta Hudson, the lesbian bar located at that address.

Wok window throw
A man needed 40 stitches to his face after being thrown through a Chinese-food restaurant window at about 5:30 p.m. on Sat., Nov. 8, according to police. The altercation occurred in front of King Wok, at 222 Varick St. Police searched the area and found Raheen Jones, 35, nearby in front of Houston Hall, at 222 W. Houston St. Three witnesses identified him as the perpetrator, according to police. He was charged with felony assault.

Brought to heel
Police learned of an assault in the subway station at W. Fourth St. and Sixth Ave. at about 4:20 a.m. on Sat., Nov. 8. According to two witnesses, three men attacked a 25-year-old man with their fists and also a high-heeled shoe. The victim required medical attention for a laceration and minor cuts to his face.

Shanique Campbell, 20;  Kevin Gil, 21; and Danay Howard, 21, were charged with felony assault.

Meatpack attack
Four individuals got away after attacking a 36-year-old man in front of The Griffin nightclub, at 50 Gansevoort St. Two other suspects weren’t so lucky. The group of six attacked the victim at about 4:30 a.m. on Sat., Nov. 8, police said. They kicked and punched the man, causing facial and body injuries requiring him to be transported to Bellevue Hospital.

A woman, Rama Motakhabi, 29, and a man, Jermaine Morrison, 34, were arrested and charged with gang assault. Police did not provide descriptions of the other suspects.

High thiefs low point
Marijuana smoking in the subway led to the arrest of a cell phone thief on the morning of Fri., Nov. 7. At about 5:40 a.m., an officer observed a man puffing on a joint in an unidentified station, according to a police report. When the officer approached, the man threw the reefer onto the rails.

The officer searched the man upon arrest and found a stolen cell phone in his left pants pocket. Suspected cocaine was also found in a jacket pocket. According to police, the cell phone was stolen from a 24-year-old male outside the McDonald’s at 136 W. Third St. Hector Cuevas, 24, was charged with grand larceny

Three days later, Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bratton announced that persons caught with 25 grams of pot or less — a quantity presumably for personal use, not for sale — will now only be ticketed, not arrested. Smoking pot in public, though, is still subject to arrest.

‘Clipped’ in subway
Finding an illegal switchblade came easily for one astute police officer during the night of Thurs., Nov. 6. A man, 43, was win the subway station at Eighth Ave. and W. 14th St. at about 11:30 p.m. that night. The cop noticed a metal clip protruding from the man’s right pants pocket. He stop and frisked the suspect, finding the black-handled knife. Julian Dorville, whom a police report stated is a transit system recidivist, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

As detailed in a recent Village Voice article, possession of any pocket knife that can be opened with the flick of one hand — as opposed to using two hands — is an arrestable offense.

—  Zach Williams