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Scoopy’s, Week of Oct. 2, 2014

Scoopy’s, Week of Oct. 2, 2014

Liking Liz a Lot: Local activist Jean-Louis Bourgeois reports he’s launching the West Village campaign to get Elizabeth Warren to run for president. The scion of renowned sculptor Louise Bourgeois recently met Warren at a Park Ave. fundraiser for a New Hampshire Senate candidate. “I am really keen to have Elizabeth replace Hillary Clinton as the […]

Scoopy’s, Week of Sept. 18, 2014

Slowhand…fast shutter: Dorian Grey Gallery, at 437 E. Ninth St., recently hosted a one-week show of Gene Shaw’s photos of legendary rock guitarist Eric Clapton. It was tied in with the release of Shaw’s new photo book on Clapton, “Journeyman.” Like the book, the exhibit featured never-before-seen shots of “Slowhand.” Above, Shaw, who currently hails […]

Scoopy’s, Week of Aug. 7, 2014

Closed! There has been a sudden wave of store closings in the South Village and Soho area, and longtime patrons are devastated. The Hair Box, on Spring St. near Sullivan St., recently felt the cut, and has shuttered. Richie Gamba, “The Mayor of Spring St.,” can usually be found seated on a chair outside the […]

Scoopy’s, Week of July 17, 2014

Ouch! We constantly hear about cutting and slashing in Albany, though it usually involves the budget. But state Senator Brad Hoylman, above, recently had a frightening accident where he severely cut his ring finger and pinkie. Hoylman told us it happened several weeks ago when he was up at the state Legislature and was gripping a glass […]

Scoopy’s, Week of July 10, 2014

Something in the Airbnb? At the Village Independent Democrats’ May 30 endorsement meeting, Assemblymember Keith Wright spoke on behalf of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s re-election bid. That much we understood. What we eventually didn’t quite get, though, was when Wright started riffing about other various issues he’s been dealing with and specifically got on the topic of Airbnb. He held […]

Scoopy’s, Week of July 3, 2014

Kardashians take Soho, Part II: It looks like the Kardashian crew will be taking over yet another Soho space, but this time it’s going to be a whole building. Last Thursday — as a huge crowd of paparazzi, fans and gawkers crowded outside — Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian toured 63 Spring St., at the northwest corner of Spring and Lafayette […]

Scoopy’s, Week of June 19, 2014

Congressional summit: We had a sit-down this week with Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, who isn’t facing a Democratic primary challenger. But there is a Republican aiming to run against her, Nicholas S. Di Iorio, under the catchy slogan, “Nick for New York.” Anyway, Maloney brought us up to speed on everything she’s been up to. Of course, we had […]

Scoopy’s, Week of April 3, 2014

Scoopy’s, Week of April 3, 2014

Despite some spots where materials are being stored in pens, such as at left, Grand St. in the Little Italy/Chinatown area is finally free of major street construction work. But resurfacing and curb replacement is up next, and eventually the bike lane markings will be painted in again, too. PHOTO BY SCOOPY Saucy retort: “Rest in […]

Scoopy’s, Week of March 27, 2014

New bookshop spot? Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York reported last week that St. Mark’s Bookshop is looking to move into 136 E. Third St., just west of Avenue A, in the First Houses, which is part of the New York City Housing Authority. “We’ve been sent a proposed lease,” bookstore co-owner Terry McCoy told the blogger, […]

Scoopy’s, Week of March 20, 2014

Scoopy’s, Week of March 20, 2014

Photo by Scoopy The gold standard: The new “marquee” above Jerry Delakas’s Astor Place newsstand says it all, “Victory.” The golden letters are the work of East Village artist Kelly King, who championed Delakas’s fight to regain the kiosk after he was evicted from it during the waning days of the Bloomberg administration. In the end, Mayor Bill de […]