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A powerful film about prison and abuse of power

BY LENORE SKENAZY  |  Looking for a great date-night movie? Run, do not walk, from “The Stanford Prison Experiment.” But if you want to see something that could change your whole view about good guys and bad guys, get a ticket. I attended a screening at the Fortune Academy in Harlem, a stately building housing […]

Birth of a Voice, Chapter 3: Wooing the Naked Buddha

BY JERRY TALLMER  |  The first two paid employees of The Village Voice, back in the late summer of 1955, were Susan Ryan and Florence Ettenberg. Flo Ettenberg was a bright, cheerful, talky, left-leaning Brooklyn College-bred native New Yorker, while Sue Ryan, a good Republican — not a contradiction in those days — was not. […]

Town hall to seek solid answers on park air rights

BY ANDREW BERMAN  |  For years, residents of our neighborhoods have fought to keep development, especially along our waterfront, low-rise and in scale with our community. But that long-standing effort now faces a serious new threat. Legislation passed by the state Assembly and Senate in June — with very little notice and almost no public […]

Free Will Astrology, Week of October 10 – 16

Famed Astrologer Rob Brezsny joins The Villager, providing his insightful take on your present predicament and your future. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Sometimes, Aries, you run away and dive into a new amusement before you have gotten all the benefits you can out of the old amusement. But you seem more committed than usual to the ongoing […]

Don’t buy REBNY hype: Landmarking helps affordability

BY ANDREW BERMAN  |  In July, the Real Estate Board of New York went on a media blitz, touting its latest report blasting landmark preservation in New York City. This is part of REBNY’s ongoing campaign to paint our landmark preservation system, which covers a little more than 3 percent of our city’s building stock, as […]