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Letters, Week of May 22, 2014

A lot of hot Air To The Editor: Re “A.G. keeps after Airbnb to turn over rental records” (news article, May 15): To the city, Airbnb crows that it is all about the little guy who is just trying to make ends meet, and that Airbnb desperately wants to pay some $21 million in hotel […]

Letters, Week of May 15, 2014

Hometown heroes To The Editor: Re “Lovin’ brothers jam” (Scoopy’s Notebook, May 8): Hooray for the Sebastian brothers, born and bred in Greenwich Village. Hometown boys make good! Peggy Friedman Neigh to the ban! To The Editor: Shirley Secunda is right in her letter “Horses not Cars” (May 1). Horses have partnered with humans since […]

Letters, Week of May 8, 2014

Classic ‘menu speech’ To The Editor: Re “Renato Migliorini, 82, partner in Hudson restaurant” (obituary, May 1): Renato was one of my favorite New York City people — maybe even the absolute favorite. I’ll miss him, like everyone who ever had the honor of meeting, speaking and listening to his wonderful “menu speech.” I’d like to […]

Letters, Week of April 3, 2014

Leading the way To The Editor: Re “Nolita apartments illegally deregulated, building tenants say” (news article, March 27): The Villager is the only New York City paper doing this kind of reporting. The Fourth Estate should not be passively posting what has already happened, but leading the way. Thanks for pointing the right direction. Tom […]

Letters, Week of March 27, 2014

Lies and distortions To The Editor: Regarding your March 20 talking point, “After director’s firing, WBAI sale is now rumored,” by Paul DeRienzo: DeRienzo is no disinterested observer of this issue; he is a former WBAI employee and board member. I find it amazing that almost five years after my summary removal as WBAI’s program […]

Letters, Week of March 20, 2014

Biased report To The Editor: Re “Zipper reconsidered: N.Y.U. retools project it says it can still build” (news article, March 13): As for Professor Magder’s statement about N.Y.U. Faculty Against the Sexton Plan being comprised of only 400 faculty, let’s put that into perspective: The University Open Space Priorities Space Committee that he chaired had […]

Letters, Week of March 13, 2014

Bronx bummer To The Editor: Re “N.Y.U. cries foul” (letter, by Philip Lentz, Feb. 27): Apparently, Mr. Lentz was not an N.Y.U. employee when N.Y.U. owned the Bronx campus. Indeed, Mr. Leguizamo is quite correct that the university had a large Bronx campus. But, like so many mistakes the N.Y.U. administration makes, with the sale […]

Letters, Week of March 6, 2014

Sad about Savoia To The Editor: For a number of years Michele Savoia’s clothing and tailor shop was in a small space on E. Seventh St. between First Ave. and Avenue A, across from where I lived. He was a familiar and noteworthy sight, even by East Village norms. Neither my wallet nor my less-flamboyant […]

Letters, Week of Feb. 27, 2014

Villager scores! To The Editor: Re “Is it a 2-on-1 game again? City files notice on N.Y.U.” (news article, Feb. 20): Another excellent article covering the N.Y.U. plan and the community’s opposition. Thank you, Villager, for this, and for raising the question, “Where does the mayor stand?” Minerva Durham N.Y.U. cries foul To The Editor: […]

Letters, Week of Feb. 20, 2014

Where the beef was To The Editor: Re “Google wants cut of Meatpacking BID as residents stew” (news article, Feb. 13): Meat Market activities used to extend up Ninth Ave. to 15th St. There was a chicken wholesaler next door to what is now the Porter House, and the Wells Fargo bank space used to […]