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Shoot! Who stole our historic iron coal chute cover?

BY OTIS KIDWELL BURGER  |  On Sat., March 15, a couple perhaps from around Westbeth was seen walking down Bethune St. and taking photographs. The man, tall and fiftyish, kicked the coal chute cover on the sidewalk in front of 27 Bethune St. and found that it was loose. About two hours later, around 2 […]

E-mail banter is great assist to the beautiful game

BY MICHELE HERMAN  |  Two years ago in these pages I published a story about my long-standing fandom/eavesdropping/spying on the entertaining e-mails of a group of guys who have been playing pickup soccer in East River Park for so long that when the group started there was no e-mail. My appreciation has little to do […]

New app Covers restaurant tabs

BY PASHA FARMANARA  |  Paying for items with our cell phones is a new revolution that has taken over the app store. One new mobile payment app to hit the app store, Cover, is a big game changer for the restaurant business. Cover allows users to pay for their restaurant tabs with their smartphones instead […]

A tale of two markets: Hard to stomach these changes

  BY ELISSA STEIN  | It is the best of times if you want to purchase an expensive condo in the Village loaded with amenities — or, on the other hand, a surprisingly deep selection of beef jerky. Meanwhile, it is the worst of times if you’re valiantly searching for sponges or Saran Wrap. The reinvention […]

Birth of a Voice, Chapter 5: The 4 Voices — Dan Wolf

Birth of a Voice, Chapter 5: The 4 Voices — Dan Wolf

BY JERRY TALLMER  |  Dan Wolf, who, like me, had accomplished very little by way of a career — and was some years older than he ever admitted — wanted primarily to shake up the whole damned political establishment, Republican, Democratic, left, right, center. Nobody ever put it better than Dan Wolf himself in his […]

Birth of a Voice, Chapter 4: The best job in the city

BY JERRY TALLMER  |  Jules Feiffer and Bill Manville not even didn’t get paid, they schlepped their weekly drawing and/or written contributions in by hand — their own hands and feet — every Sunday, to where I, all alone in the office, was preparing the next edition for the printer. One such Sunday I looked […]

Birth of a Voice, Chapter I: The apartment on Perry

Birth of a Voice, Chapter I: The apartment on Perry

BY JERRY TALLMER  |  The happiest place I ever lived was a one-room apartment — or one and a quarter rooms — one flight up at 62 Perry Street in Greenwich Village. It was a good-sized rectangular room — the tiny adjunct was the stoveless double-hotplate — facing south over a congregation of backyard gardens, […]

When folk legend Pete Seeger played our fundraiser

When folk legend Pete Seeger played our fundraiser

BY MICHELE HERMAN  |  It was the fall of 1987. My husband, who was then merely my POSSLQ (Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters), and I had moved to the West Village a couple of years earlier and still couldn’t believe our good fortune. So we threw ourselves into neighborhood activities, including a meeting […]

Healing and stretching out to embrace the future

BY KATE WALKER  |  The trouble started last winter when I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my right elbow, which bent over my chest as I slept. I had to use my left hand to straighten out my arm. I took an Advil but had trouble falling back […]

My table at the window: Llewyn Davis, Tony and me

My table at the window: Llewyn Davis, Tony and me

In March 2012, the Coen brothers shot exterior scenes in the Village for “Inside Llewyn Davis,” their film about the ’60s folk scene. In this scene, Oscar Isaac, who plays the lead, is moving into an apartment on Thompson St. Photo by Tequila Minsky BY ANN VOTAW  |  My heart ached when Carey Mulligan said, […]

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