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What I was doing the day John F. Kennedy was shot

BY CAROL GREITZER  |  Fifty years. Hard to believe. Like most people, I can easily remember many of the terrible events of that day, possibly because other happenings that very same day were so meaningful to me and to other Villagers. It was a day that started out so beautifully, and ended so tragically. I […]

Is frozen yogurt smoothing my relationship with D’Ag?

BY MICHELE HERMAN  |  In an ideal world, among your many mutually satisfying relationships, you get along with your local supermarket. You know it. It knows you. There’s some respect running in both directions. In my real world here in the West Village, my local D’Agostino and I have never quite gotten each other. I am a […]

Theft of Apple devices drove Big Apple crime spike

BY GREG BEATO  |  During the last 20 years, law enforcement officials, criminologists, journalists and other cultural observers have attempted to solve the mystery of the nation’s declining crime rates. Was the post-1990 drop in murders and other serious crimes due to new police tactics that concentrated resources in unsafe neighborhoods? Maybe. Was it longer prison […]

Full circle for the A&P; A personal shopping saga

BY CAROL GREITZER  |  R.I.P. Food Emporium — Sixth Ave. at 12th St. (a.k.a. the A&P). For those who don’t know, both chains — A&P and Food Emporium — are owned by the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. The A&P — once the leading food chain in the country — came first; the Food […]

Buying a bed to attract love, and being O.K. with it

BY KATE WALTER | I could hardly sleep the night before the delivery. I woke up that morning in a panic. I’d cleared the bedroom area, creating messes in other corners. I was freaking out over which way to angle my beautiful new mahogany platform bed. I always envisioned it perpendicular to the wall, but […]

The lesson for today: Assault by gun — a right that’s wrong

BY JERRY TALLMER | Good morning, children. This object on my desk is a radio. It was invented by a number of people, but mostly by Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) and Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1911). It is an instrument of information, guidance and culture, among other things. Let us turn it on and see — no, hear — what […]

See Something, Say Nothing, and try to roll with it

See Something, Say Nothing, and try to roll with it

BY ALPHIE MCCOURT  |  On a recent weekday morning, at about 6:15 on our faithful C train, there were about a dozen people in the carriage. At Times Square some got off and a few people boarded. Along with them came three Transportation Safety Agency personnel, two men and one woman. I was sitting at […]

A lifelong newsman looks back as he approaches 80

A lifelong newsman looks back as he approaches 80

BY ALBERT AMATEAU  |  When did it start? Age 3 going on 4, stomping through half-empty house, shouting, “Where’s my printing set?” Gave explicit instructions to mother and father not to forget it in the move from Kings Highway, Brooklyn to Utopia Parkway, Queens. Don’t remember finding it. Copy boy, World Telegram & Sun (125 […]

NATO Summit protests spark memories of Chicago ’68

BY JERRY TALLMER  |  Plus ça change. Couple of hours ago I clicked on the tube, to see if there’d been any great old murals or statuary damaged by earthquake in Italy. No murals, no statuary. No siree, Bob. Just what looked terrifyingly like a considerable dozens of human skulls being damaged by the nightsticks […]

A question for Donald Trump on losing our jobs base

A question for Donald Trump on losing our jobs base

Photo by Clayton Patterson An American military-style uniform made in China on sale in an army/navy store in Vienna, Austria. By CLAYTON PATTERSON  |  A question to Donald Trump since he is presidential material and does business in our part of New York City. First, let’s agree that we differ in opinion about Occupy Wall Street. (See my […]

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