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The East Village is replaced by its own simulacrum

BY BILL WEINBERG  |  After more than a generation of living on E. Fourth St. in the East Village, I feel more and more like I’m in the old joke about the city slicker who asks the farmer for directions on a country road. Punch line: the farmer says, “Oh yeah, you make a left […]

Until C.B. 3 is fixed, L.E.S. has no democracy

BY DIEM BOYD  |  A vigorous democracy is what we deserve but not necessarily what we get. These days, our democracy is slipping away, skating perilously close to a full-blown plutocracy. As wealth and power narrow political options, people have become increasingly alienated and have even dropped out of the political process entirely. Yet, the lifeblood […]

C.B. 3 problems loom large in chairperson race

BY ANNE JOHNSON   |  This letter is being written to clear up some inaccuracies and omissions in a couple of your articles regarding Community Board 3, and to ask some questions. First, a bit of history. When Scott Stringer became Manhattan borough president, he set out to make the appointments on the community boards […]

‘Mad as hell’ about the toll bridge shopping takes on us

BY SAM SCHWARTZ  |  Lower Manhattanites are getting “railroaded” (or should I say “trucked”) and have been for a quarter century ever since an act of Congress dictated that tolls on the Verrazano Bridge should be collected only in the Staten Island-bound direction. This meant that drivers leaving Staten Island would not stop, but drivers […]

Losing Jade Liquor and Olympic diner hard to swallow

Losing Jade Liquor and Olympic diner hard to swallow

  BY REV. JEN  |  Gentrification has often been defined as the process of making an unprosperous neighborhood prosperous. But I tend to think of it as the process of making a once rockin’ neighborhood suck. I would much rather dodge bullets on my way home to an affordable apartment than traipse through a neighborhood […]

My family tie to the Triangle Shirtwaist tragedy

My family tie to the Triangle Shirtwaist tragedy

BY ALEC PRUCHNICKI  |  Back in high school, I learned about the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, which occurred on March 25, 1911. This tragedy took the lives of 146 workers, mostly young Italian and Jewish women who lived in Greenwich Village and the Lower East Side and worked in the nearby garment factory on the corner […]

After director’s firing, WBAI sale is now rumored

After director’s firing, WBAI sale is now rumored

Summer Reese in New York City in Midtown recently. Photo by Paul Derienzo BY PAUL DERIENZO  |  Summer Reese, the executive director of the Berkeley-based Pacifica Foundation, was fired on March 14 in a closed session of the Pacifica National Board. No official reason was given for the firing, which was announced two hours after […]

Buying vintage, or The Levi’s Denim Jacket Manifesto

BY BILL WEINBERG  |  Three winters ago, I left one of my gloves on the subway. It was irksome, because it was one half of my favorite pair of gloves. I’d had them for years, and they were the only ones that ever really kept me warm on my bicycle in the winter, with a […]

Clearing the air on transferring park air rights

BY MADELYN WILS  |  The Villager recently published an op-ed from Andrew Berman, the executive director of Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, raising concern over whether a recent amendment to the Hudson River Park Act would allow the park to sell unused development rights from our public piers, to support Hudson River Park. As […]

More park air rights mean more safeguards are needed

BY ANDREW BERMAN  |  Sometimes you don’t want to be right. One of those times was at the Feb. 12 Land Use Committee meeting of Community Board 2. It was there that Madelyn Wils, the Hudson River Park Trust’s president, finally provided an answer to a question I and others had long been asking about […]